It’s a Holiday… time to celebrate.

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Hey, it’s that time again. It’s been almost a month since Christmas, and now I’m about to turn 23. What did I learn this past year? I learned I really can graduate from college (and I DID, boo-yah!). Tuesday is the “big day.” How come after you turn 21 there’s not another “special” birthday until you turn 40? I’ve heard 30 is a milestone, but what do you do at 23? I don’t really drink or go clubbin’, so that limits my possibilities.

I’m downstairs now, waiting on Lisa to arrive, so we can eat some spaghetti with my mom and sister. There might be some Coldstone Ice Cream in my future. And there’s definitely some Flightplan in my future tonight. I’ve got to hurry up and watch it so I can get it back to Blockbuster before the release date.

All the stores seem to by-pass the lesser holidays and go straight for the money-makers. Let me ask you this, all you anti-paranoia-theory people: If St. Valentine’s Day is not a commercialized holiday invented by the stores to make more money in Q1, why isn’t there merchandise in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, or President’s day? Is it all just a ploy to sell more Valentine Flowers? Will Jimmy reach Lois in time to tell her that Superman is really a giant robot chicken? Tune in next time for the next exciting adventure of Pancake Man.

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