Wish You Were Here. Please Send Turkey.

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Since this is a blog and all, I thought I’d share with my readership a few things going on in my life. A not-so-entirely unfortunate series of events has lead to my not being able to travel home for Thanksgiving to see my family.

In my recent job search, I was successful in finding employment at Radio Shack at the local mall. They hired me on for more than I make at Blockbuster as a “Wireless Specialist.” They originally offered me just a customer service job, but they wanted to start me at minimum wage, which is at this point unacceptable.

I didn’t realize when I was job hunting what a balancing act it would be making all the schedules agree, between the Blockbuster I work at, the one I’m transferring to as a manager, and Radio Shack. But it’s all working out. Unfortunately, I got off for Thanksgiving weekend with Blockbuster and not with Radio Shack. I hope Christmas works out differently.

I’m off Thanksgiving day, but I’ve been forbade by my mother from driving through the night to get home and driving through the night to get back in time for work at 7am the following day. So I’ll be here, my first Thanksgiving away from home. You’re probably all thinking “Oh, boo hoo, get over it.” I’ll try. It’ll be easier if you buy something from my clothing company, Obscene Wear.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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  • Janie

    aww…..i’m sorry. i’m not going home either….and i did buy something 50$ of something

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